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How to celebrate success

The end of the year is a traditionally a time of celebration, but what businesses forget as the year winds down is to take time to do more than celebrate the season.  Good leaders know that one of the most useful things a leader can do towards the end of the year is to celebrate success.




Why? It is much too easy for employees to head home for the holidays looking only at their failures.  It is easy to see where you have failed, it is a great deal harder to figure out where you have succeeded.  And an employee who feels as if they have nothing to offer to a company rarely does.




So it falls to the leaders of a company to spend some time looking through the year and recognizing success where they find it.  Look at each month and chart your success as a company, and figure out who you can attribute that success to.  What products did you launch?  What projects did you finish?  What problems did you solve?




Doing this as a management staff will also help you to determine who your most valuable players are, and who might need a little additional help in the upcoming year- both excellent year-end conversations to have.




And once you have your list, figure out some way to share this with your staff.  Maybe you can throw a dinner party where you toast everyone’s success, or perhaps you can send a gift basket with a card detailing their biggest wins over the year.  However you decide, make sure that you share each person’s success with them so that your employees can come back after the first to start the new year off running!