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How to maintain grace under pressure

It is pretty obvious these days that stress, especially constant stress, can put your health at significant risk.  According to the Mayo Clinic, stress works on the same circuit as most perceived threats, increasing adrenaline to increase your heart rate, and blood pressure, and cortisol floods your body to increase the glucose in your body and curb functions that would be unnecessary in a fight or flight situation, such as immune system, digestive system, reproductive system, and growth processes. 


But when you are stressed almost constantly, these natural reactions to stress can be incredibly hurtful.  The list of health problems starts at difficulty sleeping and works it way up to obesity then up to memory impairment and heart disease.  


So as we head back to work, and back to stress, what can we do to maintain a sense of grace under pressure? 


First of all, know your limits.  Don’t take on more at work than you can reasonably handle, as in the long run taking on more than you can do can be dangerous to your health.  And, when you can, work to manage your time more effectively.  If you don’t manage your time then someone else will do it for you, and that leads to stress.


And when you do get angry, work to channel that anger in an effective way.  Figure out exactly who you are upset with, and why, and then figure out what you can do to fix the situation.  Don’t just sit back and simmer, work to make your situation better.  Not only will this help improve your life, but it will also give you the sense that you are in charge of your own destiny. 


Some more Q&A – “Which set of leader skills and/or competencies are most important and why?”

“Impeccable integrity, unbelievable work ethic, and a positive attitude in the face of adversity are the most important because you don’t really teach people our business – you show it to them. It’s all about your example. Having a student mentality, being humble, and treating people with respect are also way up there.”

~ answered by Edward Cunliffe

A little Q&A – “What do you enjoy most about your business and why?”

“Three things spring to mind:

1) I love the personal development side of our business. It’s really cool to watch somebody grow and become successful.

2) I love the fact that I have built so many great relationships over the past 10 years. I truly get to work and interact with my friends everyday.

3) I love the unlimited opportunity. It’s great watching guys on my team get their piece of the pie. It’s pretty cool promoting consultants on your team. It never ends, even though I have 50 offices. I’m more excited about the opportunity now than I was in the beginning……European expansion next!”

~ answers by Edward Cunliffe

Edward Cunliffe Contributes to Growth of Organization and it’s Success

Edward Cunliffe, recently promoted to Senior National Consultant, is well on his way to making company history.

Since 2001, Cunliffe has helped develop the companies and growth opportunities for 46 entrepreneurs nationwide. As of Monday, September 19, 2011 two individuals expanded their sales/marketing firms into two new markets: Louisville, Kent. And Raleigh, N. Carolina. Last week, Cunliffe contributed to the expansion in Cincinnati, Ohio and Boise, Idaho.

“Going into the new year, my goal was to contribute to the development of at least a total of 50 offices by the end of the year. We are in place to open up two more by the end of the month, totaling 48 offices going into the Fall. “ Cunliffe, said.

Edward Cunliffe has obviously seen a very successful year. Aside from the development of sales/marketing firms, Cunliffe also played a part in the growth of two individuals and their path to organizational consultant. One was officially promoted last weekend in Puerto Rico and a company retreat. Cunliffe projects to assist in the development of three more people into a consultant position by the end of next year.

“We’ve come along way,” says, Cunliffe. “And I don’t see us slowing down anytime in the near future.”

Cunliffe works alongside independent sales firms outsourced by various Fortune 500 companies to lead their outside sales campaigns in markets nationwide. This form of marketing is proven and is more lucrative than any other direct-sales strategies. It has proven to increase company revenue and client acquisition. Due to these tactics, it’s provided growth opportunities for the sales reps to expand these services into more markets throughout the country and lead their own sales teams in their own office setting.