Build Company Loyalty with your employees


Unlike the job market even twenty years ago, it is now perfectly normal for a worker to go through three or five jobs within ten years.  The days of staying with a job for most of your life are no longer with us, and this means that businesses have to work harder to keep the talent that they want.


But how do you build loyalty?  One of the ways is through making sure that employees feel fulfilled at their jobs, and often times employees who feel fulfilled do positive things for a company- such as going out of their way to boost morale and solve conflicts.


Other ways that you can build employee loyalty and relationships is through spending more time in the initial training process of employees.  Introducing candidates to several people on your team will help make sure that you’re picking someone who will fit in with your current corporate culture, and help them better integrate with the culture when they are hired.


Watch your managers too.  Studies show that managers are the most important source of growth and inspiration.  Making sure your managers are trained to inspire their employees and offer opportunities for growth is one of the biggest way to keep your employees happy at their jobs.


And when it comes to management, nearly everyone wants to move up and be promoted, but not everyone wants to manage other people.  Giving employees the option to choose management or perhaps a different type of promotion, like a technical one, is more likely to keep them at your company.

























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