The 10 Least Satisfying Jobs

We all want to be satisfied with the work we do, but not everyone is so lucky. Here’s a question to consider before you decide what career path you’re going to follow: how satisfying will your future job be? has released a 2012 report of jobs that surveyed nearly 14,000 users. Compiled within the report are lists for the most and least satisfying, highest and lowest paying, and most popular jobs by employment size.

So, ready to embark on that new career but want to ensure you don’t end up somewhere that’s unsatisfactory? These ten jobs were rated as the least satisfying by employees, so be sure to steer clear of them unless you’re sure it’s right for you:

1. Mail Clerks & Mail Machine Operators (except postal service)—Satisfaction rate: 25.0%

2. Program Directors—Satisfaction rate: 30.0%

3. Municipal Clerks—Satisfaction rate: 30.0%

4. Food Preparation & Serving Workers, Other—Satisfaction rate: 31.6%

5. Maids & Housekeeping Cleaners—Satisfaction rate: 31.7%

6. Insurance Policy Processing Clerks—Satisfaction rate: 33.3%

7. Hotel, Motel & Resort Desk Clerks—Satisfaction rate: 34.4%

8. Food Preparation & Serving Workers (including fast food) —Satisfaction rate: 34.4%

9. Telemarketers—Satisfaction rate: 34.4%

10. Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors—Satisfaction rate: 35.0%

Food Preparation & Serving Workers is also the fourth largest career by employment size, unfortunately, which means lots of unhappy workers. It also lands on the lowest paying job list. Obviously, it’s not just the money that makes workers feel dissatisfied with their jobs.

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