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Edward Cunliffe Contributes to Growth of Organization and it’s Success

Edward Cunliffe, recently promoted to Senior National Consultant, is well on his way to making company history.

Since 2001, Cunliffe has helped develop the companies and growth opportunities for 46 entrepreneurs nationwide. As of Monday, September 19, 2011 two individuals expanded their sales/marketing firms into two new markets: Louisville, Kent. And Raleigh, N. Carolina. Last week, Cunliffe contributed to the expansion in Cincinnati, Ohio and Boise, Idaho.

“Going into the new year, my goal was to contribute to the development of at least a total of 50 offices by the end of the year. We are in place to open up two more by the end of the month, totaling 48 offices going into the Fall. “ Cunliffe, said.

Edward Cunliffe has obviously seen a very successful year. Aside from the development of sales/marketing firms, Cunliffe also played a part in the growth of two individuals and their path to organizational consultant. One was officially promoted last weekend in Puerto Rico and a company retreat. Cunliffe projects to assist in the development of three more people into a consultant position by the end of next year.

“We’ve come along way,” says, Cunliffe. “And I don’t see us slowing down anytime in the near future.”

Cunliffe works alongside independent sales firms outsourced by various Fortune 500 companies to lead their outside sales campaigns in markets nationwide. This form of marketing is proven and is more lucrative than any other direct-sales strategies. It has proven to increase company revenue and client acquisition. Due to these tactics, it’s provided growth opportunities for the sales reps to expand these services into more markets throughout the country and lead their own sales teams in their own office setting.